Z-News Update

ashley madisonWe are a monitoring company, so in this week’s recap of compelling articles, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Ashley Madison hack.

Every user of Ashley Madison trusted the website with data so sensitive that the disclosure of that data to a third party would literally ruin their lives. The sum total of due diligence that was done was going to the website, entering a credit card number, and signing up. The users might as well have posted fliers in Helvetica proclaiming, “I WANT TO HAVE AN AFFAIR!”

Overall, it is a good lesson. Very few of us actually protect our data. So, from the individual to the enterprise, creating a more intelligent data center is a must not only for security but also for quality assurance.

katherine archuletaWhat CIOs Can Learn About Security Threats From 4 Recent Hacks

CIO | John Brandon

Keeping one step ahead of hackers is no easy task for IT security executives. There are so many ingenious hacker ploys, shady tricks and nefarious techniques to compromise your data, it might seem like no company could ever keep up. Cybercrime is clearly on the rise, and CIO have plenty of reasons to be anxious. Read More…

devopsHow DevOps is Demanding a Whole New Approach to Cloud

Information Age | Chloe Green

Cloud adoption is accelerating amongst businesses as they look to move their IT to a more efficient and streamlined process. This is often the business case for newer, more agile IT with complex distributed applications. However, security, flexibility and trust, which depends on the operating system as much as the network the cloud is built on, is becoming increasingly important. Read More…

data center knowledgeWhy IT Automation Matters Today

Data Center Knowledge | Justin Nemmers

The benefits of IT automation are vast. Not only does it free up developers and sysadmin schedules to focus less on repetitive, administrative tasks and more on providing value to the business, it improves workflow and quality of life; yet many organizations struggle to adopt IT automation because their environments are too complex. Read More…

ATT-mobile-switching-Getty5 Critical Layers of Next-Gen Data Center Automation and Orchestration

Data Center Knowledge | Bill Kleyman

If you look at the modern data center and cloud landscape you’ll notice a lot more interconnectivity and new capabilities to dynamically pass resources. Some solutions even allow for cross-connects for the easier flow of data. The interesting piece here is how all of these technologies, which are currently influencing the end user and corporation, are directly pushing for the evolution of the modern data center through data center automation. Read More…

The Bloor GroupOnions Have Layers, IT Transformation Has Layers

Inside Analysis/The Bloor Group | Adrian Bridgwater

It’s a funny thing isn’t it? Vendors like to talk about so-called IT transformation in the context of the general move towards new mobile, digital, virtualized, cloud-centric initiatives that take us to the new style of IT we can achieve in the promised land. The trouble with media commentary in this space is… we are too often guilty of being superficial. We look at the big picture without talking about the granular components of transformation. Read More…