Think You Know Cloud Ops? Too Late – It’s Already Changed.

Virtualization and cloud computing are rapidly becoming part of doing business.

On-demand IT means that resources that used to be deployed once and then managed are now constantly being de-provisioned and re-provisioned. Change is now constant and something that needs to part of operational management procedures.

The only way to manage this type of environment is to be able to be aware of exactly what’s going on.

Bernd Harzog, Analyst at The Virtualization Practice, talks about the rate of change in highly virtualized and cloud environments.

The rate of change in these environments and the degree of resource sharing of these environments makes a continuous self-discovered understanding of configuration essential to the ability to assure infrastructure and applications performance.

As you undertake the journey, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What does real-time visibility to your operations team?
  • Can you understand the dependencies between your virtual servers and your physical infrastructure?
  • If you have to take a blade server offline, do you know what applications and services will be impacted?
  • Are you just looking at the performance of individual devices or can you report on the health of the overall service experience?
  • If a dynamic migration causes a performance issue, can you spot it before your customers do?

Want more to think about?

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Image credit: David Masters