Vote Zenoss for Best Private / Hybrid Cloud Management Tool

TechTarget logoThe TechTarget network of technology-specific websites gives you access to industry experts, independent content, and analysis. One of their sites, Modern Infrastructure, just announced their Impact Awards to recognize the top products in your infrastructure. Zenoss is on the list, and it’s OK to say we are your favorite!

Their write-up on Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) 5 is pretty awesome, too!

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5

ZSD 5 provides turnkey monitoring for converged, virtualized, and cloud infrastructures. It automatically builds and maintains state models for these targets, allowing immediate service impact analysis and root cause identification via our patented confidence ranking engine.

Voting is open now through Nov. 6, and winners will be announced in early January in a special issue of Modern Infrastructure. Entrants in the Best Private/Hybrid Cloud Management Tool category offer software or services that create or manage private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Head over to TechTarget now and cast your vote for Zenoss!