Thinking Out Cloud with Geva Perry (Part 1)

Geva Perry is an enterprise software and cloud computing expert and blogger. His popular blog is called Thinking Out Cloud where we writes about Cloud, the grid, and “Everything-as-a-service.”

I had the opportunity to sit down with Geva over a Skype call and talk about the current state of the Cloud. I really enjoyed the conversation since there was a focus on what it takes to make the Cloud work today . We ended up talking for over 20 minutes so I split the conversation into two parts. Here’s the first half:

Here’s what we cover in part 1 of Thinking Out Cloud with Geva Perry:

  • “It’s happening now” – what are all the challenges and strategies to address
  • The business case for the Cloud – from cost savings to business agility
  • The operational challenges of Cloud computing
  • “The CIO doesn’t matter” – democratization of IT (link to Forbes article)

Will post the second half of the conversation tomorrow.