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End Silo’d Monitoring: Turning Operations from No to Go! [Webinar]

By: Zenoss

How many of you grew up wanting to be in IT, yet alone IT Operations?  Did you grab your backpack and run to high school career day hoping to get a glimpse of the mainframe administrator?  Are you fond of Continue…

Legacy CA/Nimsoft Proves Our Point: Zenoss is the Cisco UCS Monitoring Champ!

By: Zenoss

It simply amazes me how legacy companies like CA/Nimsoft, would rather reinvent themselves via marketing instead of innovative products.  When CA purchased Nimsoft, I wrote, “CA Hits a Homerun and Acquires Nimsoft.”  As a funny aside, that blog post almost Continue…

The IT Operations Manifesto: Grabbing the Torch from IBM Tivoli Netcool

By: Zenoss

We declare that IT Operations will no longer take a back seat to other disciplines within Cloud computing and will rise to accept the challenges of managing this new complex world.   It is time to say good-bye to legacy Continue…