Celebrating #PeopleWhoDo! The 2015 Zenoss Holiday Party

What makes Zenoss so special is our winning team, supportive friends and families. Gathering to celebrate each other (and a banner year at Zenoss) made the 2015 holiday party a night to remember.

It was so great to look around the holiday party and see the fun and camaraderie that exemplifies the Zenoss culture.  Whether it was laughter and high-fives over a winning hand at the Blackjack table or the bond made after breaking the record for the max number of people in a Zelfie, we were all reminded that it’s that shared admiration between our employees, customers, partners, friends, and families that makes this place so unique and the relationships so enduring.

Spreading cheer for all to hear continues through the month as Zenoss will be partnering up with the Austin Capital Area Food Bank and Partnerships for Children this holiday season.  Happy Holidays to everyone from Zenoss!


A huge thank you to: